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        Many San Jose employers today are seeking assistance in navigating current legislation governing health insurance benefits. Affordable options that meet legal requirements are available, and the experts at All Spectrum Insurance Brokers can help you find solutions for your organization. We’ll take the time to learn about your company and then provide quotes based on:

        • Current employee demographics
        • Number of employees
        • Other influencing factors

        We also provide rate reviews for businesses with existing group health benefits. Growing companies may be eligible for lower rates through another carrier.


        Business consultants today indicate that for optimum employee retention a business should provide as many benefits as possible. Fortunately, All Spectrum Insurance Brokers offers an array of group benefits that may be more affordable than you think. Many of these products can be offered to employees at low group rates:

        • Legal insurance
        • Vision coverage
        • Dental insurance
        • Pet insurance
        • Identity theft protection

        For optimum performance, your employees need to feel safe and secure. You can improve employee morale by providing valuable group benefits and discounted rates. Contact All Spectrum Insurance Brokers today to learn more about the array of options available.